"Our aim is to produce the best possible chocolate, using the best available ingredients and conching those
ingredients for at least 72 hours. We want to make chocolate that tastes of chocolate, not just of sugar".
Words from Peter Wilson, co-founder of Kennedy & Wilson Chocolates. Find out more on the ABOUT US pages.

The product range includes the luxuriously rich milk and dark chocolate Thins, the famous bitter chocolate
Cats' Tongues, exotically flavoured chocolates such as the dark chocolate with cinnamon Autumn Leaves,
Couverture, and now Didier Cadinot's exquisite and daring range of filled chocolates. For a full list of our
chocolates see the PRODUCTS page.

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Kennedy & Wilson: 203 Maroondah Hwy Healesville, 3777 Ph: 03 5962 6448